Use Winter Downtime to Spruce Up Your Guest Suite

bedroom-374977_1920Certain times of the year make for a better backdrop for certain types of renovations to your home. Let’s face it; you don’t want to renovate your pool with three feet of snow on the ground. Winter is a great time of year for several indoor improvements; the guest suite is one such area of your home. After the holidays when things calm down, most people in northern climates tend to stay close to home. That means that the guest suite is vacant and you can get started without as much disruption as it might have otherwise caused.

Paint the walls a bright new color

Pick out a new color scheme or improve on the old one. Repaint or wallpaper the walls. Because you will likely have the windows shut, use one of the low odor paints available.

Revamp the floors

Putting in new carpet will wake the room up and make it fresh and inviting. Consider a durable low pile carpet that doesn’t show wear and dirt. This will last a long time and look great. Installing hardwood floors is also an option. One word of caution, because of the ventilation needed, don’t refinish hardwood floors unless you can have the windows open.

Completely remodel the guest bathroom

Winter is the best time to do this for a couple of very practical reasons. First, most contractors are low on work in winter so not only can you get it done faster, you can probably get it done cheaper. Secondly, most stores such as Lowe’s discount their prices in winter to be competitive.

Perhaps you can install a low flow toilet, maybe a new shower and tub area to replace one that’s been unchanged for decades. New cabinets will increase the storage potential and make the room look great. Not only will improving these areas make your guests more comfortable it will also increase the value of your home.


Originally Published for Yahoo! Voices.