Advertising: $1500 per ad for concept and copy
Ad campaign (3 or more ads): $1500 per ad

Brochure copy, small (two- or three-panel): $1000
Brochure copy, full-size (two- or three-panel): $2000
Brochure copy, multi-page (up to 8 pages with cover): $3500
Brochure copy, large (8-16 pages with cover): $4000 and up
Brochure insert copy: $350 each

Direct mailer copy: $1500 each for concept and copy
Direct mail postcard: $800 each
Direct mail letter: $800 each
Direct mail campaign: $800 each (3 piece minimum)

Copy editing: Hourly rate of $200

Email copy: $500 each
Email campaign: $500 each

Folder with three to five single-sheet inserts: $2000

Newsletter articles: $500 – $1000 depending on length

Press release: $600
Press release, with online distribution: $1000

Radio commercial: $1500 per spot for concept and copy
Radio campaign: $1500 per spot

Sales letter or email copy: $800 each

Website copy: $350 per webpage

Web content: $550 per month

For a more exact quote, based on your particular needs, contact me.